Welcome to the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund

Welcome to the SVG Europe Sports Broadcasting Fund: Here to Help Those in Need

The SVG Europe Sports Broadcasting Fund is designed to help sports production freelancers and other professionals who find themselves in dire financial need due to illness, injury, or catastrophic life events like the loss of a home due to fire or flood. The goal is to quickly offer financial assistance that can make an immediate difference and prevent the recipient from slipping into poverty.

If you need to apply for aid please download and complete our aid application form (found here). We do not ask for intimate financial records but we do require an “Advocate Referee,” who can be a friend, colleague, mentor, employer or associate of the applicant, to sign off on and submit all applications with proper documentation (for example, copies of bills to paid).

Simply put, here is the process:
STEP ONE: Download and complete the application.
STEP TWO: Find an advocate (an employer or SVG Europe advisory board member are ideal) to co-sign and verify that the need is legitimate. Have them co-sign the application.
STEP THREE: Take digital photos of each page and email it to kenkersch@sportsvideo.org. Someone from our team will then be in touch to confirm assistance.
STEP FOUR: The application and recommended assistance is approved or disapproved by the SVG Europe Sports Broadcasting Fund advisory board.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must have worked in the sports broadcasting production industry for one year.
  • Immediate family members of those employed in the sports broadcasting field may be eligible for grants.
  • Applicants must be a resident of one of these European countries:
  • Austria – Belgium – France – Germany – Hungary – Ireland – The Netherlands – Luxembourg – Poland – Portugal – Spain – Switzerland – The United Kingdom


  • Grants typically do not exceed 2,000 Euros.
  • Individuals may apply for and receive not more than two grants.
  • All grants will paid directly to the payee of the bill (NOT the applicant), and must be used for those documented expense such as immediate medical expenses, rent/mortgage payments, clothing, funeral expenses etc. All grants will require documentation, invoices or receipts before being paid.
  • Please note, the SVG Europe Sports Broadcasting Fund has been established to provide short-term assistance to those in need rather than long-term support.


  • Loans
  • Multiple year pledges
  • Debt reduction
  • Legal fees
  • Fundraising events/activities